If in doubt about you and your followers,it pays to be lead to find the succeeded Happiness.May we say that is WAY and GOAL Blending for peace in Life

Thoughts of a Taoist Babe

Everywhere you go these days, it seems as if everybody wants to be a leader and nobody wants to be a follower. But the truth is, you only need a few Indian chiefs in any organization. For that organization to run effectively, the majority of those within that organization have to be a productive worker. That’s fairly common sense, but this position is seen as less than noble, less than aspiring, and less than glamorous. After all, who wants to be the earth when they can be the sky? Who wants to be the individual contributor when they can be the CEO?

Unfortunately, without terra firma to anchor your feet, when you reach for the sky, you will fall on your face. The importance, and indeed, the crucial necessity of those who do the support work behind the scenes, those who have the backs of their fearless leaders, those who toil unnoticed…

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