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A FRIEND is>>>>
Angel who would gladly live with you the past,retain you the Present and prepare your future -told and untold.


9 documentaries that you need to see this year

TED Blog


By Marianna Torgovnick

Some documentaries show us the strange, the exotic and the unfamiliar; others make us feel anew about something so everyday, we barely thought about it before. Some of my favorite TED Talks are built around great documentary films, like Deborah Scranton’s chilling “War Tapes” and Nathaniel Kahn’s moving search for “My Father, the Architect.”

Last week, I attended the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina, a four-day bash featuring more than a hundred documentaries — new, classic, and invited — many of which will show theaters over the next year.

Below, find my nine favorite films from the festival, which no documentary fan should miss.

1. Stories We Tell (director Sarah Polley, 2012)
An invited film that has shown at festivals in Toronto and New York, Sarah Polley’s gorgeous documentary is structured liked a mystery in which trap doors keep opening. Once an actress, the still-young Polley…

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100 Websites You Should Know and Use (updated!)

TED Blog

In the spring of 2007, Julius Wiedemann, editor in charge at Taschen GmbH, gave a legendary TED University talk: an ultra-fast-moving ride through the “100 websites you should know and use.” Six years later, it remains one of the most viewed TED blog posts ever. Time for an update? We think so. Below, the 2013 edition of the 100 websites to put on your radar and in your browser.

To see the original list, click here. While most of these sites are still going strong and remain wonderful resources, we’ve crossed out any that are no longer functioning. And because there are so many amazing resources out there, please add your own ideas in the comments. Happy surfing!



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Soul to sole: Eye surgeon Anthony Vipin Das has developed shoes that see for the blind

Blind will live better as mobility is no long a limiting factor

TED Blog

A haunting black-and-white video screened during the TED Fellows talks depicted people speaking into a device and then walking — at first taking halting steps, then more confident strides. As the video unfolds, the camera zooms in on the faces of the walkers — revealing that they are blind.

With his team, TED Senior Fellow Anthony Vipin Das, an eye surgeon, has been developing haptic shoes that use vibration and GPS technology to guide the blind. This innovation — which could radically change the lives of the vision-impaired — has drawn the interest of the United States Department of Defense, which has recently shortlisted the project for a $2 million research grant. Anthony tells us the story behind the shoe.

Tell us about the haptic shoe.

The shoe is called Le Chal, which means “take me there” in Hindi. My team, Anirudh Sharma and Krispian Lawrence and I, are working…

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Communication course for telling an allien audience

TED Blog

Melissa Marshall has a message for scientists and engineers: Contrary to popular belief, the general public is interested in your work and does want to hear the details of your research. The trick is that you must communicate your ideas clearly, because they will start snoring in their seats if you assault them with a slew of jargon and details they’re not prepared to understand.

See, Marshall is a communications teacher. And as she explains in this talk from TEDGlobal 2012 University, she was asked several years ago to teach a communications class for engineering students. The experience highlighted for her that the ability to speak clearly does not come part and parcel with the ability to do great technical work.

“Our scientists and engineers are the ones tackling our grandest challenges from energy, to environment, to healthcare, among others. But if we don’t know about it and understand…

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If in doubt about you and your followers,it pays to be lead to find the succeeded Happiness.May we say that is WAY and GOAL Blending for peace in Life

Thoughts of a Taoist Babe

Everywhere you go these days, it seems as if everybody wants to be a leader and nobody wants to be a follower. But the truth is, you only need a few Indian chiefs in any organization. For that organization to run effectively, the majority of those within that organization have to be a productive worker. That’s fairly common sense, but this position is seen as less than noble, less than aspiring, and less than glamorous. After all, who wants to be the earth when they can be the sky? Who wants to be the individual contributor when they can be the CEO?

Unfortunately, without terra firma to anchor your feet, when you reach for the sky, you will fall on your face. The importance, and indeed, the crucial necessity of those who do the support work behind the scenes, those who have the backs of their fearless leaders, those who toil unnoticed…

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Can any Answer this question in jiff ? Nay….system has to work in tandem with time,deliver in time and consistent  with changed expectations too to covet  tag.Too many people to work in the system consciously working for the successful delivery of the expected outputs.Some are at times unconsciously work detrimental to system or purpose.

 But why?

The need is..understand Dutybound…imperative Involvement

…to designate ,devise,deploy and decipher the roles and responsibility ABSOLUTE.

YOU and no one else Can DO the job for the SYSTEM absolutety OPTIMUM

To my mind after studies of anatomy and ground rules for function, the working chain of the system often run with relative roles and responsibilities party not ingrained in the workforce.

So what is Remedy ?


YOU and no one else Can DO the job for the SYSTEM absolutety OPTIMUM